Thawani: WooCommerce (WordPress) plugin

This article is to show how to install our WooCommerce plugin for Thawani Gateway. First you will need to download the plugin file (Downloads and Licenses) . From WordPress Admin, go to Plugins -> Add New and click Upload Plugin button:


From the form, you can select the downloaded file and click Install Now button. After Installation you can activate and configure the plugin. You can find configuration page from two places:

  1. WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments
  2. Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Settings:

In plugin settings, you can add your API keys (Thawani: Getting API Keys):


Currency exchange at checkout:

This step is only in case you have a different currency than Omani Rial.

To exchange currency at checkout, you will need to use "thawani_convert_to_omr". Here is an example to exchange from USD to OMR:

	$exchangeRate = 0.3953;
    return $amount * $exchangeRate;

Note: you can use Code Snippets plugin to add the code to your WordPress.

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