EPCMS is a shortcut for Easy PHP Content Management System. The first version of EPCMS was released in 2010 and since then we are developing it.

Main Features of EPCMS:

  1. Support of multi-languages
  2. Dynamic Content System
  3. User groups
  4. Blocks
  5. Basic Advertisements Management System
  6. Easiness of writing modules
  7. More features based on other modules, examples:
    1. Student Information System:
      1. Student Electronic File
      2. Equalization Requests Application and Process System
      3. Expected to Graduate Analyzer
      4. Letters Generator
      5. SMS Manger
      6. Notification System linked to Mobile Applications
      7. Detailed Reports
    2. Encyclopedia Search Engine
      1. Multiple Categories
      2. Unlimited Relation Links within data
      3. Smart Search Engine
    3. Enterprise Resources Planing (ERP):
      1. Multiple Organizations in Single System
      2. Human Resources
      3. Attachments for any item
      4. Basic Projects Management
      5. Suppliers Control
      6. Recurrence Expenses


Examples of EPCMS: